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a.) Online = Quarterly 
b.) Print = Quarterly and, Print on Demand 
We have collaborated with Scientists, Professors, doctors and eminent researchers affiliated with various organizations globally.
Our International Advisory Board, Editorial Board, and Reviewers are from reputed universities located in India, Australia, Italy, UAE, Malaysia, and many more countries globally. 
We are in the process of adding up more connections globally to make our journal articles high-quality in the upcoming volumes & issues and to make it reach worldwide.
AIM: To support the exchange of knowledge & information and to publish high quality clinical, basic, & education research. Our aim is to start with decent Impact Factor from Thomson Reuters Web of Science, indexing in PubMed, and many more reputed & major indexing services for Life and Health Sciences, which set the gold standards in Scientific Publishing worldwide.
The International Journal of Therapeutics recommends that the authors adhere to the “International Committee of Medical Journal Editors” standard recommendations to prepare their manuscript. These recommendations & guidelines are designed and managed by the Annals of Internal Medicine and the American College of Physicians.
SCOPE: Research, Review, Meta-analysis and Case Reports by scientists, physicians, surgeons, specialists, other doctors, pharmacists, nurses, dentists, allied healthcare professionals, students, and academicians.
BENEFIT: High-quality peer-reviewed articles without any publication charges for Digital Publication.
SCOPE OF THIS INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL: All Health Sciences, Life Sciences & Basic Sciences branches. 
Therapeutics is a broad term which includes all the branches of Science. Any research which will be ultimately used for the treatment of patients, from molecule discovery & research to formulations and clinical applications of the research, is an integral part of Therapeutics and can be a potential high-quality publication in this journal.
ARTICLE TYPES: Original Research, Meta-analysis, Systematic review, Review article, Mini-review article, and Case reports.
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