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Article Processing Charges

Both Online and Print Journal requires monetary and other resources to sustain. Hence, the journal is bound to charge a nominal maintenance fee as Article Processing Charges (APC) for ACCEPTED MANUSCRIPT only as follows:

1. Charges for Online Issue of Journal: Only 500 Indian Rupees Per Author for India

 (and 35 USD per Author for Foreign Authors). 

For Example: if there are 2 authors then the charges would be: 500 X 2 = 1000 INR; for 6 authors: charges would be 500 X 6 = 3000 INR.

Kindly do not add authors who have not done significant contribution to the Article manuscript to keep the charges minimum. Per author fees is for author registration. 

2. OPTIONAL: Print Issue of Journal: If Paper Printed issue of Journal is required, there are additional charges of 2,500 INR (total = not per author) for Indian Authors (and 70 USD additional for print for Other Foreign Authors)
Note: Free Postal/Courier service for India. Postal Charges extra, as applicable for other than India locations. 


We also offer FULL COST WAIVER for Publication charges on a Case-to-Case basis. 

Please send your request for waiver to for consideration. 

This is limited for students and people facing hardship of  financial situations only (proof required). Journal reserves the right to accept or, decline a request for waiver on a case-to-case basis.

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