Peer Review Process:

NOTE: IJT does not guarantee any acceptance or a time limit for outcomes of submitted manuscript peer-review. Rejection or acceptance only depends upon the quality of submitted manuscript upon peer-review.

Step 1: Author Submits manuscript online by submission at PAGE or directly to email ID: editor.ijthera@gmail.comStep 2: Managing Editor checks the received manuscript for journal topic suitability. If found within the scope of journal and properly followed IJT Guidelines, the Submission Reference Number (SRN) is assigned and an email of the same is sent to corresponding author. If any missing document or content found: same is notified to the corresponding author by email. Plagiarism check may be done multiple times as deemed fit by editors.

Step 3: Managing Editor in consultation with Editor-in-Chief of IJT assigns at least two Peer-Reviewers (if required even three or, more to improve quality). Subject Expert Peer-Reviewers check the work as per the standard protocol.

Accepted with Minor Changes
Accepted with Major Changes

Step 4: PAYMENT LINK for ACCEPTED ARTICLE ONLY will be sent to CORRESPONDING AUTHOR’s EMAIL ID. Authors can pay using the email link or pay the Fees (Article Processing Charges) directly at the link here.

Step 5: After completion of above process and on confirmation of the receipt of the Payment from authors, the Managing Editor in consultation with Editor-in-Chief approves & sends the accepted manuscript for Copy Proof Creation to the IJT Editorial Office.

Step 6: Copy Proof of the article as PDF file will be sent to the Corresponding author’s email ID. It should be checked thoroughly and errors (if any) with list in a MS Word file (mentioning page number, paragraph and line number) must be sent back to the IJT by reply email for notification of any required corrections. It must be done by the corresponding author within 48 hours of receipt of email PDF. Post 48 hours completion, the accepted article will be automatically sent to be updated on AHEAD OF PRINT section of website.


Step 7: PUBLICATION (Successful Journey of an Accepted Manuscript to become an Article).