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Submission Guidelines & Checklist


 1. Cover letter

A full statement to the editor about all submissions and previous reports that might be regarded as redundant publication of the same or very similar work. Any such work should be referred to specifically and referenced in the new paper. Copies of such material should be included with the submitted paper to help the editor address the situation.

The CONSORT checklist for reports of randomized controlled trials should be followed.

The manuscript must be accompanied by permission to reproduce previously published material, use previously published illustrations, report information about identifiable persons, or to acknowledge people for their contributions.

2. Manuscript:

Read author guidelines for manuscript preparation.

Download this format : Manuscript Template .docx

3. Checklist:

Download this form .PDF here: Author Checklist and Disclosure Form

Filled-in ICMJE form to be sent along with the above form.

Once this completed and duly signed scanned copy is received by the editorial office of The International Journal of Therapeutics (IJTHERA), the final PDF copy proof will be sent to the corresponding author via email.

The PDF copy proof along with the list of corrections (if any) must be communicated to the Editor-in-Chief at within 48 hours of receiving the PDF copy proof from the journal.

Terms of Submission: 

Manuscripts must be submitted on the understanding that they have not been published elsewhere and are only being considered by this journal. The submitting author is responsible for ensuring that the article’s publication has been approved by all the other coauthors. It is also the submitting author’s responsibility to ensure that the article has all necessary institutional approvals. Only an acknowledgment from the editorial office officially establishes the date of receipt. Further correspondence and proofs will be sent to the author(s) before publication unless otherwise indicated. All inquiries concerning the publication of accepted manuscripts should be addressed to 

All submissions are bound by the IJTHERA terms of service.

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