We use electronic method for submit of manuscripts. No Hard Copy will be accepted. Please check English Language quality of your Manuscript before submission. Check for Plagiarism is done for manuscripts (authors must make sure that there is no plagiarism of any kind). Maximum allowed similarity is 10% as Per UGC Guidelines for Universities. We recommend No Plagiarism or, Similarity of any kind.

Submit the following: 

  1. Manuscript as per our Journal Author Guidelines. Any one of MS Word/Apple Pages are accepted formats for manuscript.
  2. Cover Letter of one page preferred mentioning the importance of your study. Any one of PDF/MS Word/Apple Pages are accepted formats for Cover Letter. 
  3. Copyright form duly signed by all authors.
  4. International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE) Form: IJT is listed at the prestigious ICMJE, we adhere by their international guidelines. Please read and accept before submitting.

You can also directly email manuscript with required attachments to editor.ijthera@gmail.com

Submission Reference Number (SRN): 

  1. Within few working days after manuscript submission, you will receive a SRN by email upon registry of your submitted manuscript to our journal.
  2. Any outcomes of peer-review either rejection, acceptance, revisions, and any other required communications will be sent to the email id of the corresponding author only. Make sure that e-mail id of the corresponding author is checked regularly for updates.